Josh Porter
For over three generations, Josh’s family has been in the hospitality industry in California. Leaving the family industry, Josh went out on his own to be part of a large corporation, working his way up from an internship, to a corporate level manager specifically in human relations. After 17 years, the corporation did away with Josh’s devision. Buying Whiskey Tip, Josh returned to the hospitality industry. Josh is very hands on, bartending several shifts a week and working at all major events. Josh books the bands, handles promotions and plans parties. Josh spends his free time wine tasting, spends time with his dog Murphy, and watches sports.

Jamie Roumbanis
Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jamie’s grandmother opened House of Prime Rib in San Francisco, where Jamie would work as a bus boy to help his mother and grandmother when they were working. Third generation service industry, Jamie started working behind the bar in 1994, managing multiple clubs, dives, pubs, and taverns. In addition to being the manager, he is our resident Mixologist (along with the lovable Tiffany), Sports Encyclopedia, the team’s Bar Father. Jamie spends his spare time trying to hit softballs on the Whiskey Tip league, which started in 2014 and is still going strong today. Jamie is currently single and looking.

Sandy Pfohl-Lang
If Sandy was a cocktail, he would be the perfect balance of Spicy and Sweet, with ten dashes of sarcastic humor. Sandy got his start in the bar industry at Whiskey Tip, starting in October 2014, working up the ranks from bar-back, day bartender, night bartender, and is currently our assistant Bar Manager. Sandy is the glue that holds Whiskey Tip together. Currently going to the Santa Rosa Junior College to obtain a degree in awesomeness.